Welcome to Colin Ayers Art; I am delighted that you have joined me on www.colinayersart.co.uk. or www.colinayersart.com.  I am a full time artist and a professional associate of the SAA (www.saa.co.uk), which is an organisation for all artists from beginners to professionals.  I run classes and workshops; also, demonstrations for art clubs.  I love to paint in watercolour; pen and wash and pastel; also, mixed media.  My interests are wide; particularly landscapes/townscapes and seascapes.  I occasionally like to paint portraiture ; wildlife and domestic animals.  I exhibit in various galleries around East Anglia I sincerely hope that you will share my enjoyment for drawing and painting:

Since a child, I have loved art.  I was encouraged to do pencil drawing and paint by my family, particularly my paternal grandfather who showed me various drawing methods.  Over the years, I have attended various courses and workshops to improve my painting.

I took early retirement from the NHS during 2013 to pursue my art interests; I have steadily increased my teaching commitments and exhibition work.

about me


Like other artists, I have sought to develop my own style, having been a tight/detail painter, I have adopted a more loose approach to watercolour painting at times, which I find to be quite liberating; however, I still like to draw and paint with more detail as the fancy takes me. 

I have and still draw inspiration from many artists; I thank them all for their role in my development.  I should like to thank my dear wife Jane for her constant encouragement and support.  As Jane often tells me, "Don't spend too much time thinking about it, get on with it."

I invite you to join me and share my art journey as I depict creation in all its variety and wonder. 

Colin Ayers